Penis Enlargement: 10 Ways on How to Increase Girth and Length


Today, we’ll review the 10 best ways and techniques to increase the girth and length of the penis. Although these techniques are highly sought and requested, urologists don’t recommend them most of the time.

This is due to the lack of scientific evidence that supports their effectiveness, which may have consequences such as pain, nerve damage, clot formation, tissue damage, and, in some cases, erection problems.

On the other hand, in rare cases of micropenis, in which the penis size is much smaller than average, the urologist may conduct surgery to increase its size. However, this is delicate and may involve certain risks.

Most of the time, penis enlargement techniques are performed by young men who swear by its effectiveness. Nevertheless, penis enlargement should be achieved through a normal growth process (or the aid of a professional device), without necessarily trying to “force it.”

Also, it’s important to consult the urologist first so he can evaluate the situation before trying any of them on your own.

This way, he may prescribe other forms of treatment, such as testosterone hormones, which can stimulate penile growth.

The 10 techniques on how to increase girth and size that are normally being used are the following:

how to increase girth

1. Jelqing exercise

The Jelqing exercise is considered a natural way to increase penis size. It has no contraindications or any cost.

It’s performed to increase blood flow in the genital area, which eventually could increase the girth and size of the penis.

Although considered a safe technique, the Jelqing exercise has not been scientifically approved; thus, it’s not recommended by doctors. Not doing it right or overdoing it may lead to pain, irritation, injury, and penis tissue damage.

2. Stretching apparatus

Stretching devices are normally placed at the base of the glans penis and are intended to put pressure on it to lengthen it. Continued use of this device is believed to promote penis enlargement during erections.

So far, very few studies indicate positive effects of this type of device to increase size. Nevertheless, many urologists around the world are starting to resort to this method with great success.

The use of stretching devices, in addition to being uncomfortable, can generate an excessive force on the penis and cause injury, nerve damage, and the formation of clots if not used properly. (It’s always recommended to follow instructions precisely)

how to increase the penis size

3. Vacuum pumps

Urologists normally indicate vacuum pumps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This is achieved by promoting an increase in blood flow in the penis during an erection. In this way, the use of the pump must be done according to the doctor’s instructions.

However, the use of vacuum pumps is not backed by a scientific basis, given its effects are only temporary during erection.

Therefore, doctors will not always recommend its use, if at all. Unless if really needed depending on each individual’s case.

The frequent use of the vacuum pump can cause penis tissue damage and eventually lead to erection problems.

4. Medications to increase girth and length

Currently, several medications and creams are believed to have vitamins and hormones. They claim that these will help increase the size of the penis by increasing the amount of blood in the area and promoting a longer erection.

However, these medications are designed to promote an erection and not increase the size and volume of the penis.

Besides, some medications can negatively affect men’s health and interact with other drugs that you may be currently taking.

5. Rings

The idea of ​​wearing rings on the penis is because it increases the amount of blood flow during an erection, which could cause a temporary increase effect.

how to increase girth

However, this technique does not have scientific evidence in addition to being considered dangerous. This is because if the ring is too tight or remains in the penis for a long time, it can cut the blood flow in the area and cause complications.

6. Penis thickening

Thickening of the penis can be done through a surgery called a penoplasty.

This is a recent technique that claims to be effective in increasing the circumference of the genital member and, in some cases, the length. Requires the injection of hyaluronic acid under the skin of the penis.

Despite being a simple procedure, it’s not recommended due to the associated risks; depending on the quantity and quality of the applied substance, there may be a severe inflammatory response: increased risk of infection and necrosis of the genital organ, requiring amputation.

In addition to the risks associated with the procedure, more studies are also necessary to be accepted and considered safe.

The timeframe between the performance of the surgery and the manifestation of results is not yet very clear.

7. How to increase the penis size if you’re overweight…

how to increase girth

If you’re overweight, needless to say, then losing weight will make the penis look bigger. Because as you lose weight, that extra fat padding on your pubis that hides the limb will become smaller, or disappear, which can earn you an extra inch.

Losing weight makes the penis look bigger by increasing the ratio of how it looks to the rest of your body.

8. Shave pubic hair

Another trick on how to increase the penis size is by shaving the area. This will cause your friend to reveal the length that is hidden behind all the hair in the pubic area.

9. Get stronger erections

If you increase the blood flow to your penis, it will make it seem bigger. So continuous erections will achieve a small increase.

You can perform various kegel exercises, which can help you achieve firmer and longer-lasting erections.

Stimulation is also recommended, through masturbation, but preferably without ejaculation, to control and stimulate greater blood supply, thus increasing the size of the penis.

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10. Penis enlargement surgery

Surgery should always be your last resort due to the risks associated with the procedure, such as the increased risk of infection, presence of scars, and deformities that can end up making erections difficult.


Enjoying the physical and psychological benefits of a bigger penis will take time and dedication. Just as there is no magic wand to achieve body transformation, the same applies to penis enlargement.

Although there are several “magic” methods, pills, cosmetic surgery, etc., the risks associated far outweigh the benefits.

Instead, the ideal and most effective way is to commit to a constant exercise routine, increasing the intensity as you go through the program and achieving the results you long for in your sex life.


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Hey! Joel here; A graduate of Herbalism & Naturopathy Medicine School. My team and I are passionate about finding ways to improve our lives on a daily basis and truly believe in natural alternatives of doing so before seeking traditional medications. However, always consult with your Doctor/Physician first before taking any actions in regards to your health. Stay Safe and Healthy!

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